Why I Prefer Dating Married Men - Nollywood actress

Nollywood actress, Mariam Odunola Muftaudeen, made social media buzzing after saying she prefers to date married men than single men.

She revealed in a recent interview that she has never been lucky dating single guys.

She said:

“Personally, I like married men more than single guys because I have never been lucky with single guys.

As it looks, I might end up being second, third or even fourth wife, I don’t mind as long as I am happy.”

“Marriage is a delicate topic that I am always cautious to discuss because it cuts across various faiths with personal interests and different kinds of persons involved.

But as a Muslim, my religion gives room for a man to marry more than one wife with clear explanations that such a man must create balance on the home front.

If a man doesn’t have the financial, mental, physical and psychological capacity to marry more than one wife, he is not expected to go into polygamy.

via: Onlinenewsngr

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