Sanusi Wanted To Leave All His Belongings To Successor – Falaki

The deposed Emir of Kano, Malam Muhammadu Sanusi, intended to leave all his personal belongings at the emir’s palace to be used by his successor, the former Falakin Kano, Alhaji Mujitaba Abubakar Abba, has said. Speaking exclusively to Daily Trust Saturday, Falaki said, “His Highness has confessed to me that had it been his successor would use his personal clothes, he would leave them for him, but because he is not so sure, he decided to remove them, at least he will give them to others that can use them. 

“His Highness also intended to leave the library he built as it is for others to benefit, but because he is not certain whether the book would be safeguarded, he decided to remove them from the palace.” Abba, who was assigned by the deposed emir to take care of the movement of his personal belongings from the palace, said they had removed over 242, 000 books worth over N200m. 

“The setting up of the library itself cost His Highness over N100m. There are other books which he ordered but did not arrive Nigeria. If not because he was not sure of safeguarding these books, Wallahi, he would leave them there for research and others to benefit. But you know books, they can easily be removed.” He said the deposed emir also took away a few cars from the palace out of the expensive cars he bought while on the throne, noting that he removed only about 10 cars including those for his family. “We have taken away his personal cars comprising 2 Rolls Royce, one Mercedes Benz, one BMW and a Jeep. We have also removed some cars belonging to his family.”

Falaki added that apart from cars and books, the deposed emir also left for his successor many horses which he personally bought while some were given to him as gifts by many people across the country. “I can confidently tell you that the least among the horses in terms of value is N1m, but we have many horses that are worth N5m each among the horses he left behind for his successor. He also left behind expensive saddles for his successor. 

He only took away a saddle and sword which he inherited from his forefathers. “His highness also refused to remove all the furniture he put in the palace which were valued at over N300m. He did so because there is no difference between him and his successor who is obviously his blood brother. They are from the same family, so there is nothing wrong if he leaves all his belongings for him to use.”

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